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Attorneys at Williams Kherkher say on their website that personal injury accident cases filed and heard in various courts are usually serious matters, most of the time concerning the lives of people who have been affected by the negligent actions of other individuals or parties.

However, some people have a loose definition of personal injury, according to Goings Law Firm, LLC. Below are some examples of people who have filed bogus claims, whether they be intentional or not.

A 57-year-old woman who willingly visited a Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights haunted house filed a personal injury lawsuit, claiming she suffered undue fright because a chainsaw-wielding employee of the haunted house did not stop his scare tactics even as the woman slipped and fell as she was trying to run away from him. The case was dismissed because the woman alleged mental and psychological trauma; however, if she had incurred injuries due to her fall and her lawsuit was all about negligence on the part of the haunted house for failing to properly ensure the safety of its structure, the case would have been considered by the courts.

A woman in Israel sued a television news station because a weather reporter had failed to forecast the weather conditions correctly, causing her to dress inappropriately. The woman was awarded $1,000.

A New York man bit into his Subway sandwich and found a serrated knife inside his bread. He didn’t sustain any injuries from the move, but he did say that he fell ill after biting into the part of the sandwich that had been contaminated by the knife. He was awarded $20,000 but initially sued for $1 million.

The parents of a 27-year-old man sued Sea World after their son was killed when he snuck off after hours into the theme park, entered a killer whale’s tank, and swam with it. The case never went to trial because the parents of the deceased dropped their lawsuit.

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